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Good design is longlasting and displays the leading edge in simplicity and efficiency.

Hello my name is Sheryl Rhoades, and I'm a Graphic Designer

Today’s market is influenced by appealing and professional looking graphics. Good design competes in the market place, because humans are very visual and are drawn to eye catching and interesting imagery. Designers are constantly challenged with finding the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity.

My passion is creating impactful designs along with utilizing graphic design best practices to help companies be successful online and offline. Specializing in Brand Identity, I strive to develop one message - one brand to ensure the client’s visual identity is consistent and memorable.

Sheryl Rhoades accomplished graphic designer


I draw from more than ten years of experience in art and design to create original concepts for every client. My expertise in Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe CS6 inspire me to design websites, graphics, marketing campaigns, webinars, attractive logos and brand identity packages. Prior to branching out on my own I worked for companies with high profile clients as Lead Graphic Designer. I coordinated efforts among the creative department to produce high quality client deliverables. I have experience in product development, label design, online sales, and the organization of medium scale trade shows.

I have remained current on new discoveries, trends, and ideas to provide clients with cutting-edge designs. This unique background has enabled me to craft inspirational market-sensitive material. I earned my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with double Honors from the International Academy of Design and Technology in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Computers have made it possible for virtual offices to flourish, I am currently working with clients all over North America. If you have an idea for a new or existing project, want a website or logo designed, need pitch presentation or webinar created, please contact me for a free consultation.

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