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Complete Branding

The Brand Objective

Building a solid brand identity takes open collaboration with the client.

The goal is to achieve One Brand One Message that aligns with the companies mission, vision, and values, so their audience will immediately relate to them.

The Brand Process

The first steps in the Brand Identity Process.

It is important to understand what Branding means before taking on the task of branding a company. Branding is what distinguishes one company presence from another’s. Everything about your company becomes part of your brand. From a moral standpoint to a visual appearance. Your mission, vision and values establish the voice of your business, while logo, colors, fonts, and imagery create a physical identity. The introductory meeting should be in a casual setting to really understanding the client’s personality, take them out of the element of stress, deadlines, meetings, and bills. Brand Identity is a reflection of who the company is, what they stand for, and ultimately what their promise is to the consumer. A consumer is anyone who buys services or products. With technology at our fingertips 24/7 brands are shopped (virtually compared) against competitors before a buying decision is considered. How does your brand stand up in that situation?

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What I Offer

I offer new branding, re-branding, and refreshed branding. One Brand! One Message! Don't leave consumers confused about who you are, I can help you define your brand message.

As the world evolves so does the consumer. Sometimes a re-brand is a wise investment to keep things fresh. It is usually not a good idea to drastically change your brand if you are well established as this could potentially cause you to lose your identity and connection with your main audience. However, slight modifications and improvements are a great way to engage with your viewers letting them know that you are willing to grow with them. On the other hand, if your brand isn't working, it might be time to consider a major re-brand that gets noticed. Branding includes matching social media accounts with physical assets like business cards, signage, office stationary, decals, and tradeshow events. Need a solid brand? Schedule a free consultation to discuss your needs.

"A Designer's ability to create is solely limited by the boundaries they set for themselves."

Sheryl Rhoades