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Amy Bolivar partner of Caspian Hill Group
Amy Bolivar

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Some of the most difficult parts of starting a company or launching a new product is how to present it. What to call this great idea? How to describe it? What theme or colors match the vision? How do you tie the logo to your website presence? What style or layout to use for your website? The list of options, plug-ins and even sites to host, shop or share can be daunting.

This is where Sheryl Rhoades fit in, she took a simple mission statement and an intro call where we described the idea behind starting a company, and she created a visual plan. She first presented a color palette that she thought lended well to the concept and fit with our name. Once we approved the color scheme, Sheryl presented logo options and font options, walked us through website themes and created graphics from ideas we sent. We picked out our own images for the website, provided feedback and fun enhancements and now we have a steadily growing company that looks like it has been in business for 10 years instead of just 9 months.

She also provides support, and if you are a founder who likes to tinker, you can edit your own website (SCARY right!?) and she will help you along the way, fix your mistakes and provide you with the power and tools to keep growing. Today, we continue to utilize Sheryl Rhoades for an extra creative eye on the team to help launch new products, marketing materials, website news articles, blog posts and everything in between.

"The Problem"

Caspian Hill Group (CHG) had an idea, but they didn’t know how to present it, brand it, or implement it. They needed their idea turned into a conceptualization, and then into a viable business.

"The Solution"

Create a solid brand identity with a versatile logo, color palette, typography and simplistic website that positioned them as experts in the online marketplace. New startup companies with a solid brand look like they’ve been in business for several years.

"The Package"

CHG needed the Silver package plus custom extras to accomplish their goals. CHG received an entire brand identity, and simple branded website with custom graphics.

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caspian hill group digital brand package

Project Fulfillment

Brand Identity, and Website
  • Client: Caspian Hill Group
  • Service: Complete Brand Identity with Digital Assets
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