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“I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity. Great design is born of those two things.”

Lindon Leader

Design Services

Looking for a Graphic Designer?

Everyone is unique, so it makes sense that graphic design isn’t a “one size fits all” experience. As a small design firm, I’m able to work closely with clients to deliver custom designs that fit their needs.


Logo's, Color, Imagery, Font's, & Brand Guidelines

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What is Branding?

Branding is what distinguishes one company’s presence from another’s. Everything about your company becomes part of your brand. From a moral standpoint to a visual appearance, your mission, vision, and values establish the voice of your business, while logo, colors, fonts, and imagery create a physical identity.

Why do you need a Brand?

With tons of companies selling or offering the same services, how does one win the hearts of the consumer over another? The brand message is what speaks to the target audience, not only capturing their attention, but also their business. Delivering the brand's promise is key in building long term relationships.

Do you need a re-brand?

As the world evolves so does the consumer. Sometimes a rebrand is a wise investment to keep things fresh. It is usually not a good idea to drastically change your brand if you are well established as it’s possible to lose your identity and connection with your audience. However slight modifications and improvements are a great way to engage with your audience, letting them know that you are willing to grow with them. On the other hand, if your brand isn't working, it might be time to consider a major re-brand that gets noticed.

What I offer

I offer new branding, re-branding, and refreshed branding. One Brand! One Message! Don't leave consumers confused about who you are. I can help you define your brand message.


Impactful banner's, print, digital ads, & more

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Types of Marketing

There are many ways to market products and services using an online presence or directly reaching your audience, are the two widely chosen. Some companies choose to do both types. Online marketing is accomplished through websites, online ads, social media campaigns, and aps. Direct marketing is everything physical mailers, phone calls, banners, booths, signs, post cards, business cards, brochures, and direct selling on the internet without a middleman.

Digital Ad's

Digital ads have the potential to reach audiences around the globe 24/7 since the web has no curfew. The key to a successful digital ad starts with a solid brand and a trusted online presence. Digital ads can be used on all social channels, affiliate websites, personal websites, online magazines, and other sites that are related to your business..

Print Ad's

Print ads may not have the reach of digital ads, but they are generally placed in the correct target audiences hands (e.g., a vineyard will reach wine connoisseurs using a reputable magazine such as Wine Spectator). The product and consumer are aligned- when considering print ads, keep that in mind. Trade shows and conventions use branded backdrops and banners to stand out in a crowd.

What I offer

I offer both digital and print marketing services including HTML ads, email signatures, social media campaigns, trade show & event booth designs, signs, banners, magazine ads, and online ad banners.

Book Cover Design

You only have three seconds to get noticed

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Why Book Covers matter

The competition is fierce when it comes to books. Statistics show that a book cover is seen 7 times before a consumer makes the decision to buy it. If your cover doesn't stand out among the rest, it may get passed over.

Important book cover testing

The online thumbnail for Amazon is 1.75" tall by 1.25" wide- much smaller than a business card. The title should be visible at this size and the cover art attractive, as well. Create your book cover to fit this size and scale up.

What I offer

I offer three book cover design packages as well as miscellaneous design work such as photo retouches, editing, and special effects for creative images.

The Packages

The Express package is for the author who has the images for the book cover, but needs an expert to edit the photos and create the best possible layout for the viewer. This includes the cover, back, and spine, a free 30 minute consultation (in person or virtually) to discuss the vision of the book, and two substantial revisions.

The Price $250

The Packages

The Classic package is a happy medium, for the author who wants to be hands on and share the photo searching and the title options. Includes the cover, back, and spine, a 45 minute first consultation, (in person or virtually) photo editing, 1 follow up consultation, and 1 image for online use and two substantial revisions.

The Price $500

The Packages

The Premium package is for the author who has put so much effort into writing the book, they want someone else to take the wheel and drive. Includes the cover, back, and spine, a 1 hour first consultation, (in person or virtually) image searches, photo editing, title and subtitle choices, 2 follow-up consultations, and 5 images for online and social media use and three substantial revisions. Examples, Website header and social channel images.

The Price $750

Presentation & Webinars

Pitch Presentations, Sponsorship Decks, Custom Themes, Training, Coaching, & Educational Webinars

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Pitch Presentations

A Pitch Presentation is exactly as it sounds. It’s pitching a business plan to potential investors, clients, co-founders and partners. It has to be well laid out with information, engaging, and attractive. Don’t cut corners on this.

Sponsorship Decks

Sponsorship Presentations are made for events, shows, and expanding businesses. The deck has to connect the target audience and the sponsor helping them increase their targeted reach.


Webinars are a great way to add revenue to any business. They educate, motivate, and connect like-minded people together. The interaction with the audience and building of trust with your product or service leads to a great ROI conversion rate.

What I offer

I offer custom branded presentation and webinar decks. As a PowerPoint specialist, I will create a theme specific to your business and purpose. Prices vary based on the size of the project. Contact me to discuss the scope of your presentation.


HTML & WordPress Sites

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Website Considerations

With many different platforms (e.g., Wix, Shopify, and host site builders) offering business owners a method of building their own sites, it seems like the role of a website designer would have fallen by the wayside. Think of your website as your virtual business. Say you have a physical shop or office that was visited by customers, would it be randomly put together? Your website is a virtual shop and open to visitors every day all day, it should have as much care placed on it as your physical location.

Hosting & Domain Names

Okay, so you need a website and don’t know where to start. First you need a domain name. I recommend checking 1&1 for available domain names. You can test out as many names as you would like and decide on which one works best for your company. Once you have a domain name picked out, it is time to choose hosting. Hosting can be purchased by you, or you can rent hosting from your designer/developer. Make sure your domain name is always secure and paid for, or you will lose it and find it online for sale with a very large price tag attached. Imagine all your branding, logo, business cards, and anything you have your name on will be irrelevant if you lose the domain name. Or, you will be forced to pay the ransom to get your domain name back. Buying your own hosting and domain name puts you in complete control over your virtual presence. Choose wisely.

What I offer

I offer a free consultation to discuss your website needs, and I will help you find the right domain name and hosting package. I will also cover the pros and cons of using WordPress verses HTML sites and other online hosting platforms. I know the importance of having an online presence and set up your website to be Mobile friendly, verify the site with Google, create xml site map and add SEO optimization. I offer monthly maintenance for an hourly fee to help you keep your site running at its best. I do not manage or maintain social media, but will design ad campaigns and help brand social platforms to match the website. Contact me for your website needs, and I will help you get on the right track whether it’s a new website or a site rebuild.

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